Melina "Mel" a longtime resident of Cape Coral. In fact there is a unique story behind her 916 Cape Coral Parkway clinic. It was the same location her parents owned and operated the famous YUMS ice cream store for many years. Her practice has been built by getting people well, one person at a time. Good news travels fast and patients who received relief from their pain referred their friends and family to Dr. Mel. Her patients have become her extended family and they enjoy the extra care and concern that her team provides, much like the Doctor- patient relationship in the old days. Dr Mel Youngs and Dr. James Seidler offer more than just chiropractic, they have a complete wellness spa with 11 massage therapists, an aesthetician , hydrotherapy treatments, spinal decompression, physical therapy, a personal trainer, and a digital x-ray machine on-site which allows the Doctors to quickly and safely determine the cause of your pain. We are open 6 days and week and offer early morning and evening hours. Come see why your friends and neighbors get well at Dr Mel’s!

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