Dr. Jenling James Chen had been a doctor for many years when he founded Dedicated Senior Medical Center. Inspired by his own experience with a life-threatening illness, he developed a whole new way of delivering medical services that would provide a superior level of care and make a positive and measurable impact on patients lives. In 2003, Dr. Chen was diagnosed with cancer and given only two months to live. He and his family experienced firsthand what it was like to be on the receiving end of patient care, struggling for access to quality medical care while fighting for his life. Dr. Chen recovered, defying his original diagnosis. And he knew he had to do something to help others in their time of need to overcome the frustrations he experienced with the existing fragmented and unsympathetic healthcare system. That's why he founded Dedicated Senior Medical Center - to turn the healthcare system around and make it more focused, convenient and effective for the people who need it most - seniors. He established medical centers that are led by compassionate, expert doctors who coordinate all aspects of their patients care and hold themselves accountable for their results. By offering quality, empathetic, well-coordinated care, Dr. Chen saw big changes in his patients health outcomes. Today, the Chen family is proud to treat all their patients like family dash; with the care and VIP service every senior deserves.

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