OUR MISSION - MAKING MORTGAGE LENDING SIMPLE. NOVUS MEANS “NEW” IN LATIN, AND THAT IS OUR VISION AT NOVUS HOME MORTGAGE. We approach the industry from a new perspective. With a unique platform that allows our team to leverage the strength and stability of a bank, we maintain the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of an independent mortgage banker. When it comes to mortgage banking, our management teams are experts and innovators, and that gives us the ability to think differently, to find new ways to improve the lending experience for our customers. We are constantly challenging ourselves to do better. We are a Mortgage Company run by Mortgage People, for Mortgage People. We know that the systems, processes and methods that the industry has used over the past 10-15 years won’t work in the future. By using robotic process automation and other proprietary technologies we’re cutting out manual tasks, reducing errors, and creating efficiencies. Customers deserve a better e

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