The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center was established in 1995 to provide assistance to families of individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Our center is named after Alvin A. Dubin whose widow, Zelda Dubin, made a generous donation to ensure the viability of a resource center in Lee County. Throughout their lives, Alvin and Zelda Dubin used both their time and assets to help others. Their legacy will continue through the center's work. The Alzheimer's Resource Center Offers: 1. Monthly Caregiver's Support Groups, 2. early stage Alzheimer's Support Group, 3. Speakers, 4. Educational Resources for Professionals and the general public, 5. Lending library of books, videotapes, and other written material, 6. Individualized assistance to help families cope with the disease, 7. Safety Program/Wanders Identification Bracelets, and 8. Quarterly Newsletter

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