“There’s nothing like it around here,” Jenkins said. “Maybe Sarasota and Charlotte County, but nothing like this in Cape Coral.”Jenkins said during the pandemic, Str8 Cards founder, Foster, started to see Pokemon cards get more popular and the desire for Pokemon began to skyrocket, enough to open a new store. “People started to get a bit of nostalgia and it reinflamed the hobby,” Jenkins said. The PokeStop is owned by Str8 Cards & Collectables at 2135 Santa Barbara Blvd., Unit 102. Jenkins sees customers come in from all generations, from 6 years old to age 60. The PokeStop fosters an environment for people to casually come in and hang out. There will be trade nights about once a month, as new card sets come in each month“We usually debut a new set when it comes out,” Jenkins said. All events will be broadcasted on The PokeStop’s social media pages, PokeStop 239 on Facebook and Instagram. “We’d love for kids to come in and have an educational atmosphere, too,” Jenkins said. Trading Pokemon cards can get pretty addicting. “You start off small and it’s almost like a fire,” he said. “Once you get that initial spark, it starts to burn and you keep wanting to get more packs. It’s almost like the lottery. You never know what you’ll get.”

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