Luxury Rental Houses/Vacation Homes in Cape Coral, Florida. Our vacation rental homes in Florida are unique dream vacation homes and offer a large amount of extras you may have on your wish list. If you are interested in one of our houses, just send an e-mail, make an easy click under contact or click on the call me back button. We are looking forward to answering all questions you might have in a personal call. We can be reached at (239)628-6704 or +492302-1712626. Located in Cape Coral there is our always in a good mood being friendly property manager, fluently speaking English and German. She will take care about you during your vacation in our vacation rental homes in Cape Coral. Being in the Cape already for more than 20 years she is familiar with all situations and our guests love her. Additionally, Cape Coral is considered as the boaters paradise. Due to the high demand for rental boats we recommend Cape Escape Boat Rental, who rent to our customers during low season to take care about renting a boat before your vacation.

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