Is your legacy protected? Join us for will awareness seminar! Discover how achieving peace of mind with your estate plan is simpler than you think. Learn about:

* Advantages of wills and trusts
* Difference between a retirement plan and an estate plan
* How IRA's and other retirement accounts factor into your estate plan
* How probate work and why you may want to avoid it
* Protecting your kids' inheritance from lawsuits, divorce and spendthrifts
* Why putting bank accounts or your home in your children's names may be a mistake
* How you and your heirs are impacted by tax consequences in your estate plan
* Advanced medical directives and medical powers of attorney
* The importance of financial powers of attorney
* Long-term care/Medicaid planning to protect your estate
* Protect your home from being lost to a long-tern care facility

Don't miss out on tailored advice for retirees to help you avoid costly mistakes. Reserve your spot now!

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