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Web Developer


BOOST Creative

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Full Time

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Position Type

Full Time

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We are seeking a Front-End Web Developer with a positive approach, a humble attitude, and who is looking to make the entire team successful. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a passion for web development and strives to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends. We are in constant search of simple and elegant solutions.
In this position, you will be part of our development team responsible for solving a wide range of customer problems through planning, feature implementation, debugging, and collaboration with our design team.


◦ Solve complex problems using development approaches that translate to elegant user experiences
◦ Building custom websites from the ground up
◦ Develop with best practices and sustainability in mind alongside others on the development team
◦ Collaborate with the design and development team
◦ Articulate and present implementation strategies to leadership
◦ Maintain and improve existing development patterns and systems
◦ Create and implement new development patterns cohesive with the product’s direction


◦ Experience coding in PHP and WordPress CMS
◦ CSS and jQuery animation techniques
◦ Knowledgeable with Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator)
◦ Concept of basic design principles

Experienced Required

REQUIREMENTS ◦ Highly experienced and confident in front-end web development via HTML, CSS and Javascript ◦ Fluent in Javascript and frameworks like Svelte, Vue, React/Preact or other similar frameworks ◦ Experience with JS bundlers like Webpack or Rollup ◦ Good understanding of core programming concepts and ability to logically work through a problem ◦ Mastery of HTML, CSS, and CSS preprocessors ◦ Experience with common CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation ◦ Experience in Git version control systems ◦ Experience with APIs and consuming RESTful systems ◦ Familiarity with command line and basic linux server administration (SSH keys, etc.) ◦ Creativity in problem-solving with an open and positive mindset ◦ Efficiently break down a photoshop design, extract assets, and make front-end interfaces come alive ◦ Consistency in delivery and time management in a structured work environment ◦ Knowledge in development software ◦ Enjoys collaboration and iteration ◦ In-touch with web standards, user experience, and accessibility ◦ 5-8 years of experience ◦ Strong digital portfolio and professional resume

Work Hours or Days

Full time - 40 hours

Wages or Salary

For this position, salary will be commensurate with skill and experience. Opportunity for advancement. We offer health, dental and vision benefits.

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