Lee County’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) discounts face an uncertain future, prompting proactive action from CEO Brian Chapman of Chapman Insurance Group. With the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) recent extension plan threatening these crucial discounts, Chapman has taken to the frontlines, advocating for the preservation of these benefits for Lee County residents.

The NFIP discounts, offering up to 25% off premiums, provide vital financial relief for homeowners in flood-prone areas of Lee County. However, FEMA’s concerns regarding unpermitted work and documentation deficiencies have placed these discounts in jeopardy.

In response to this critical challenge, Chapman has been actively engaged in efforts to safeguard these discounts. This week, Chapman has been in Washington, D.C., representing and advocating for the interests of Lee County residents to legislators and policymakers.

“While I’m on the frontlines in Washington, D.C., advocating for Lee County residents, our entire team at Chapman Insurance Group is actively monitoring and supporting our clients,” said Chapman. “Together, we are dedicated to finding solutions that preserve these discounts for Lee County residents.”

Chapman’s presence in the nation’s capital underscores the urgency and significance of this issue. His advocacy efforts aim to highlight the importance of these discounts for Lee County residents and to address FEMA’s concerns directly. “I am committed to working tirelessly to protect the interests of our community,” affirmed Chapman. “Whether it’s clarifying documentation requirements or addressing concerns about unpermitted work, we are dedicated to finding solutions that preserve these discounts for Lee County residents.”

As Chapman continues his advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C., the Lee County community remains hopeful for a positive outcome. The support and engagement of residents in this endeavor are crucial in demonstrating the significance of these discounts to policymakers.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed and engaged as Chapman Insurance Group, along with other key leaders in the community, continues to champion the cause of preserving NFIP discounts for Lee County. For updates on Chapman’s advocacy efforts, visit their website at www.cigflorida.com or follow them on social media @chapmaninsurancegroup.

About Chapman Insurance Group:
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