In 1967 SuEllens parents opened a flower shop in the suburb of Hoffman Estates, Illinois a northwest suburb of Chicago, called Fabbrini’s flowers. It was a family business and all 4 children worked in the shop at an early age. SuEllen, being the oldest, learned how to run a flower business from the ground up literally from sweeping the floors to running their Woodfield mall store and managing the entire operation of 3 locations. SuEllen's college education focused on interior design and marketing. After starting a family in 1980’s she decided to move to Florida in 1988 and settled in at cape coral, Florida. It was a slower pace and was a much nicer place to raise a family. Working in a local flowers shop and then managing a silk flower shop and Christmas store. Working with several interior designers and home builders, and teaching floral design classes, her designer experience flourished. She designed plantscapes and florals and also installed new home silk florals.

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