The July 4th holiday is upon us and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is frequently approached regarding the use of fireworks within the county.

Please be advised that Florida Statute 791.08 permits the usage of fireworks “solely and exclusively during a designated holiday” by individuals 18 years of age or older. These “designated holidays” are limited to three specific days:

New Year’s Day – January 1

Independence Day – July 4

New Year’s Eve – December 31

While this recently-passed legislation allows for the use of fireworks, Sheriff Carmine Marceno and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office wish to remind those who are planning to do so of the following concerns:

In 2023, 9,700 individuals were treated, in United States emergency rooms, for fireworks-related injuries. Eight deaths were reported during that same period.

Children are extremely vulnerable to fireworks-related injuries and should not be permitted to participate in the use of fireworks.

Fireworks can only be used by individuals on their own property or with the explicit permission of the property owner.

Animals have significantly sensitive hearing and are often frightened or startled by the explosions. More canines are reported missing on the evening of and the morning following July 4th. All pets should be secured prior to the use of fireworks.

Drugs, alcohol and fireworks don’t mix. Many injuries occur as a result of user impairment.

Fireworks should be lit one at a time and either a garden hose of bucket of water should be on-hand when using fireworks.

Sparklers, which many consider to be innocuous, resulted in over 700 injuries in 2023. Sparklers burn at temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and frequently cause irreversible injuries to eyes and skin. Many of these injuries were sustained by children.

Let us all be responsible and enjoy a safe Independence Day.