North Fort Myers, FL, October 2, 2022 – As soon as the storm passed, LCEC had 1,000 boots on the ground to restore power. Daily progress is being made in the areas where customers are able to receive power, including Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Immokalee, Everglades City, Lehigh Acres, and Marco Island. LCEC has restored power to more than 50% of customers in Marco Island, Immokalee, and Lehigh Acres. Work continues to restore the main circuits that serve customers in Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Everglades City and other pockets within the service territory.

Current restoration numbers are as follows:

A.M Area Update Cust. On Cust. Out Total Cust
Marco Island 10,459 9,123 19,582
Immokalee 12,998 2,742 15,740
Carnestown 439 2,800 3,239
Lehigh Acres 24,302 8,824 33,126
North Fort Myers 5,609 50,670 56,279
Cape Coral 4,498 89,778 94,276
Pine Island 0 7,398 7,398
Sanibel 0 10,946 10,946

Customers are urged to use generators safely to protect their families and workers on the system, turn off breakers in their homes until power is restore, and remain patient. They may not see trucks on their street but crews are working in the area and will continue to work until all power is restored to those able to receive it.

The catastrophic damage from Hurricane Ian is something that has not been experienced before and there are many developments that are new when we consider the widespread flood damage and inaccessibility to some of our barrier islands. LCEC has upward of 500 line crews and 135 tree trimming crews with additional crews arriving this weekend. Customers do not need to call LCEC as we are aware of what circuits are without power.