The Lee County Port Authority would like to remind your readers and viewers about the following information for traveling out of Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) this Thanksgiving:

  • We expect a busy Thanksgiving at RSW this year and want travelers to plan ahead. Please be in line at your security checkpoint at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure for a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight.
  • Parking lots may fill up more quickly between Friday, Nov. 17 and Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023. Please give yourself extra time to find parking and consider alternative ways to get to RSW, such as being dropped off by friends or family or using commercial transportation. If necessary, we will post parking updates on the airport’s website and Facebook to keep travelers informed on availability.
  • For Thanksgiving this year, RSW is offering passengers a new remote and reserved parking option called RSWRemote. It is located on the north side of the airport, on Regional Lane, off Chamberlin Parkway. The RSWRemote parking lot will be accepting cars to enter from Saturday, Nov. 18 through Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23. Cars can exit from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023. The cost will be a flat $40 fee, no matter how many days you choose to park and is non-refundable. This should save travelers money and stress this holiday! For more information or to book and prepay for parking in RSWRemote, please visit the airport’s website. RSW recommends adding an additional 30 minutes to your travel time to use this new remote parking option.
  • Local roads are extremely busy, so please allow extra time to get to the airport. To avoid congestion, use the I-75 Direct Connect to get to and from RSW.
  • If there is inclement weather forecasted at destination or connecting airports, travelers should check with their air carrier to see if there are any changes to their flight schedules.
  • Visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website at for tips about what you can and cannot bring through the security checkpoint.

For more airport information, please visit or